Thursday, 28 April 2011

Spring and Murakami

It's that time of the year again...
Pimms, Broadway Market Lunches, BBQ's and Facebook posts of flowers...its springtime of course! And my god it's a special time if you’re a Londoner like me. Originally coming from a country that is a sub-tropic region, I have to admit that I find myself feeling rather incomplete if there is no sunshine. I hear you asking: then why on earth do you live in the UK?
Well let’s just say, I plan to immigrate somewhere warmer sometime soon.

Columbia rd flower market
I have spent my spring holidays reading in the sunshine. My choice of books has been limited to just one author: Haruki Murakami. I suppose my sudden obsession with him started when I watched Norwegian Wood directed by: Anh Hung Tran which is a feature based on the popular Japanese novel by Haruki Murakami. I had previously just read  one novel of his called “Kafka on the shore” and the film instantly reminded me of just how great his writing was and what I was missing out on by not reading more.
Norwegian Wood is the best-selling book of all time in Japan. The book made Murakami quite popular amongst youngsters. Having only seen the film and not read the book  I can only judge why through his other novels.
His stories are introspective and about experiencing things for the first time they also make unexpected  turns to surreal but comprehensive narratives . They are almost like you’re on some sort of pleasant drug trip. Since young people are so bored of life these days and look for any means to escape, I understand why they have taken a liking to him.
However, what I really want to talk about is the film! It’s definitely the best film I’ve seen this year.
The story:
Upon hearing the song "Norwegian Wood," Toru (Matsuyama) remembers back to his life in the 1960s, when his friend Kizuki killed himself and he grew close to Naoko, Kizuki's girlfriend. As the two try, in very different ways, to contend with their grief, Toru forms a bond with another woman, Midori.
The Cinematography is outstanding therefore making it one to see at the movies. This film is just plain unique!
Have a look at the trailer below :


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